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Warning Shot

Premieres September 14, 2018 in select theaters and on VOD

Directed by Dustin Fairbanks
Written by Breanne Mattson

Starring Tammy Blanchard, Guillermo Díaz, David Spade, Frank Whaley, Dwight Henry, Onata Aprile, James Earl Jones, and Bruce Dern

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This Day Forward

Now playing in select theaters around the country.
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Directed by Brian Ide
Written by Nick Schober & Brian Ide

Starring Randy Coleman, Hayden Blane, Chet Dixon, Kallen Blair, Meg Thalken, Nancy Harding, Jennifer Jensen, Bill Grant, Colleen Baker, Mark Denton

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In Development


Bounce  •  TV Series

The World Is Yours, The Awakening  • Documentary

Bell Ringers Club & The Calleron Gold  • Feature Film



In Pre-Production


Two Toes  • Feature Film



Completed Projects


The Eyes  • 2017

Obamaland Part I: Rise of the Trumpublikans  • 2017

Reconcile (short)  • 2016

Four More Years (short)  • 2016

Mantervention  • 2014

Johnny Nitro (short)  • 2014

The Crux (short)  • 2014

Silverlake Video: The Movie  • 2010

Clear Lake, WI  • 2009

Sweet Tooth (short)  • 2007